The Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society (OMAS) is a non-profit organization of marine hobbyists brought together by the desire to promote a better understanding of the life we keep in our home aquariums. Our focus is increasing the longevity of marine life in a controlled environment and to encourage that life to propagate freely. Only through education and the sharing of ideas can we expect a future for our hobby.


We currently meet at 7:00pm on the third Saturday of every month, location is TBA. If you would like to list an event on the calendar, please email the webmaster.


OMAS is a well established community of hobbyist and professionals who interact via on-line forums, emails, phone calls, monthly meetings & club special events each year. Our mission is to provide a meeting place for hobbyists to promote proper care of salt water animals, research & discuss new techniques in reef keeping, and to educate hobbyists.